Black Widow Explains Why Natasha Didn’t Get a Funeral in Avengers: Endgame

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In Black Widow we study Nat’s historical past – ripped from her household at a very younger age and pushed into the widow program, we study that her beginning mom searched relentlessly for her, however was executed by Dreykov. For years, Nat had no contact with surrogate mother and father Melina and Alexei who cared for her for 3 years or her surrogate youthful sister Yelena, assuming the Red Room program was over, Dreykov was lifeless and Yelena was dwelling a regular life someplace. It seems to not be, however by the tip of the movie, Natasha and her faux household have killed Dreykov, destroyed the Red Chamber, freed and deprogrammed the Widows, and even freed Dreykov’s daughter Antonia from her captivity as Taskmaster. Nat acknowledges that Alexei, Melina, and Yelena are simply as a lot of her household because the Avengers.

If we had seen a funeral for Nat in Endgame and had these characters not been there, it might have been fallacious (and naturally if we had seen a funeral and so they had been there, that may have been a bizarre spoiler). It could be the emotional affect of the tip of Black Widow – these are individuals who genuinely cared about Nat.

There is not any manner Yelena would have missed her sister’s funeral. The tombstone she visits on the finish reads “Daughter, Sister, Avenger” in official acknowledgment of Natasha and Yelena’s bond. “Daughter” additionally acknowledges, not solely the mom who looked for her misplaced daughter, but additionally her former mom and father Melina and Alexei. They would each have been there.

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Then there are the widows. Given the function she performed in lastly bringing the Red Room and the Widows program to an finish, the launched ex-widows would positively have taken impact. Nat could be a hero to them. They wouldn’t abandon any of them, similar to they wouldn’t depart Yelena or Antonia on the finish of the film.

And that’s earlier than we transfer on to all of the remaining Avengers of varied sizes and shapes, all of whom wish to honor their fallen teammate.

At the start of Black Widow Nat tells Mason she’s higher off alone. At the tip of the movie we see what a enormous affect she has had on the lives of so many individuals. A half-hearted funeral with a few Avengers simply wouldn’t work for Nat. This very non-public particular person would definitely have had nothing lower than a state-level assembly. We need to think about its scale.

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