Legacies Recap 6/17/21: Season 3 Episode 15 “A New Hope”

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Tonight on the CW, their new supernatural sequence Legacies airs with an all-new episode airing Thursday, June 17, 2021, and we’ve summarized your Legacies beneath. In tonight’s Legacies Season 3 Episode 15 known as, “A New Hope,” in line with the CW synopsis, (*3*)

So make sure you examine again between 9-10pm ET for our recap of the legacies. While you watch for our recap, take a look at all of our TV recaps, information, movies, spoilers and extra proper right here!

Tonight’s legacies abstract begins now – refresh the web page typically to get the newest updates!

In tonight’s Legacies episode, Jo, Lizzie, and Hope are fairly certain they’re nonetheless tripping whereas battling house monsters. They notice that they’re sisters on this new world and that Lizzie is a princess. Now Hope is certain they’re tripping.

MG returns to high school. Caleb reveals up as a result of he doesn’t care. MG’s mattress is even gone. Meanwhile, the ladies attempt to discover a manner out of this acid journey. Jo makes use of her new know-how to speak to get a message from their father. He tells them a couple of sword and Planet Mystic Falls. After a number of clues, they transfer to an alien house bar. Just as they go in, Lizzie confesses that this case is sort of a story she wrote when she was eleven years outdated.

Rick hyperlinks MG and Caleb collectively to bury the wendigo. Kaleb isn’t thrilled about this in any respect. At the bar, the women proceed to argue about Lizzie scripting this story. Jed seems within the woods to fulfill Caleb. MG is irritated. He hoped to speak to Caleb.

Lizzie runs right into a good-looking house fighter. He tells them about their father earlier than kissing Lizzie goodbye. Soon they meet the house model of Rick, their father. He could be very earthy-crunchy. He has given up on his mission and has develop into too relaxed, dwelling off the grid in a tent with braids in his beard. They inform him that they’re in search of the star sword. He laughs at them. They depart. Jo confesses that she has the sword. Suddenly they’re surrounded by ninjas. Rick comes out of his tent. The ladies are held hostage. Later, Lizzie tells Hope that she is a gentleman.

Rick visits Dorian within the hospital after the wendigo assaults him. His spouse reveals up and yells at Rick. She’s had it. Dorian selected to battle, Rick tells her. They see that Dorian shouldn’t be therapeutic.

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In the forest, MG and Caleb battle. They notice after the wendigo is lacking.

Lizzie tells Hope that she is the hero of this story. It’s a younger Hope who arrives to save lots of the day, wearing armor. Young Hope tells them how she was left alone on this planet and needs to battle towards The Hollow, an evil drive. If she wins, she will be able to convey her household again.

The older Hope tells her that this isn’t the way it works for her. But now she is aware of higher. She leaves to defeat the evil drive after knocking out all the women.

Kaleb realizes that MG is performing humorous. He is the wendigo. Jed arrives simply in time to assist MG. They have to save lots of MG from the monster inside him. Meanwhile, Hope comes head to head with the enemy, The Hollow. She defeats him and takes off his helmet. Jo and Lizzie be a part of her facet. They see that it’s Malivore.

After rescuing MG from the wendigo, the three have a bonfire and roast marshmallows. Caleb apologizes to MG. They hug it out. On the opposite facet of city, Dorian’s spouse and Rick mend their relationship.

Lizzie, Jo and Hope finish their day with a bonfire and talk about Hope and her destiny. She thinks it’s been established from start. Lizzie tells her she will be who or what she needs. As the three depart, they arrive head to head with Clarke!


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