Superman & Lois Easter Eggs are a love letter to every era of DC history

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Young Clark Kent and the Fortress of Solitude

The opening of this episode, by which younger Clark trudges throughout the Arctic, sporting the sunstone and attempting to work out his goal, is the primary of many nods to Richard Donner’s 1978 masterpiece of superhero films. Superman. Clark even wears a comparable purple plaid flannel jacket that Jeff East wore in a comparable scene.


The idea of Jor-El as an AI controlling the Fortress of Solitude (in addition to the Fortress itself arising from a Kryptonian artifact) additionally has its roots in Donner’s Superman film. That was the primary time we obtained the concept Clark ought to find out about his powers and alien heritage from the amassed recollections of his organic father and his folks, and it’s properly up to date right here.

Man of Steel

Clark’s first flight into the Arctic, with Jor-El’s phrases in his ears, properly… once more, Donner’s Superman. But particularly the best way it’s offered right here with Clark’s highly effective begin and unstable first moments, it feels a lot like a comparable second in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.

The Fleischer Superman Costume

Although we heard Superman say “my mom made it for me” within the first episode, we get to see extra of why that truly occurred right here. Clark’s present go well with undoubtedly appears like one thing otherworldly, maybe the Kryptonian ceremonial apparel implied in Donner’s Superman (first place to use the “S” as a Krypton home weapon), Man of Steel, and up to date DC Comics. But for many of Superman’s comedian e book history, Martha made Clark’s go well with for him.

Superman & Lois shares the distinction, nonetheless, with Martha creating Clark’s first costume… one which simply occurs to look precisely like Superman’s first ever display interpretation: the basic Max Fleischer animation Superman shorts that first arrived in 1941. If you haven’t seen these but, please do. They are stunning. Spending extra time with that go well with on this episode is a actual deal with, and it’s a excellent illustration of why “less is more” with superhero costumes.

It even explains a bit why the “S” on the unique go well with wouldn’t be the right Kryptonian image that Clark and Supergirl put on right now: Clark in all probability helped her design it by coronary heart, because the first time he was his household coat of arms when the Jor-El hologram appeared to him within the fortress!

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